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Testing The Motor Circuit For Grounds.
Notice: If you are not experienced in troubleshooting electrical circuits, DO NOT PROCEED Ref: (OSHA 1910.339). Call an experienced electrician. This procedure is only an aid and not intended for training.  We at Electrical Helper.com assume no liability for any use or misuse of the information contained herein.
While the above meter connections show the test being performed between (M3 - Ground), a test should be performed between (M1 - Ground) and (M2 - Gound) as well. If you show a circuit (a reading other than infinite) on the meter, contact your motor repair facility for futher testing. Notice: Be sure your circuit breaker or disconnect is closed (In the ON Position).  At this point you can use your ohm meter, test for low resistance between terminals  A-D  being certain the resistance is 0 ohms.  B-E  being certain the resistance is 0 ohms. . C-F  being certain the resistance is 0 ohms. If you incounter a high resistance reading in any of the above tests, you have found your problem and must resolve the issue. Turn off and lockout tag out the power serving the motor circuit in question. Using a meg ohm meter, test the motor circuit for a grounds.
Attach meter lead to motor frame.
Click Here For Schematic Dwg.
If the motor shows no grounds when performing the above megohm tests, press the Green P/B to proceed.
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